Our Services

Your company's success may rely heavily on your presence on the web. This may be the case whether you know it or not. These days, your customer's impressions of you and your company are often reliant upon the image you project to them. This is especially true in the case of potential customers who haven't had direct dealings with you in the past. Your website may be the first impression these potential clients will get of your company. Of course, you don't want that crucial first impression to be a poor one! We, here at Witch City Design, are able to help you put your best face forward on the web.

We offer a variety of services depending on your needs, such as:
  • Custom Site Design
  • Site Redesigns
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Database Programming
  • Web Hosting
  • Site Maintenance

Custom Site Design

If your company needs to establish its presence on the web then you need not look any further. At Witch City Design, we will work with you to design the site you deserve. Everything from color schemes to functional layout will be determined with as little or as much involvement as you would like to have in the process. We know you have pride in your company and we want you to provide you with the website it deserves.

Site Redesigns

If you are ahead of the game and already have a company website don't leave just yet! We might still be able to provide you with some services. Web sites, like many other things, eventually wear out. Perhaps the site you have was never quite up to your standards, or perhaps you have just grown tired of it. With our site redesign service, we will work with you to determine what elements of your current site you would like to be kept and which you would like changed. Keep your company's image modern and fresh.

Logo Design

With or without a website, your company still needs to create a memorable image for itself. Using our logo design service is a great way to get started or keep that image up to date. With your input, in terms of content and color, we will create several potential new logos for your company. When we are done, your company will have a copy of your final selection suitable for use in various digital and print media.

Custom Programming

At Witch City Design, we have a staff which includes programmers capable of designing your own custom content using PHP, the most flexible web-based programming language available. The use of PHP enables your site to be extremely dynamic and allows it to deliver the content you desire to your customers, both current and potential. From the simple, to the complex, we can work with you to develop what you are looking for.

Database Programming

Often times PHP itself it not quite enough to get the job done. By employing the use of database backends, such as MySQL, your site can be further enabled to deliver content to your visitors. From allowing you to secure parts of your site to be accessible only to authorized individuals to displaying your product line in an easily managable format, our Database programming will make it possible.

Web Hosting

Just having a website is not enough if it doesn't have a home. With our available hosting service, we will provide you with the storage space you need along with the other features to make your site run. From ftp access to allow you and your staff to manage the site and its content on your own, if you so desire, to custom e-mail addresses such as you@yourcompany.com that give you a more professional look, we include it all at very reasonable prices.

Site Maintenance

Hiring a staff dedicated to maintaining your site is not always practical. For smaller companies especially, but also for those companies who don't need their site updated daily, the cost of these extra employees is very difficult to justify. With our site maintenance service, you can tell us what you need done, and when, and we will do the work for you. The cost of this service varies depending on how frequently you need your site updated and how much advance notice you provide which means that you are only paying for the service you need and nothing more.