BrooksBaseball is a site which we worked on that focuses on sabermetrics (baseball analysis). The site's primary content consists of an owner-maintained blog and an analysis tool which the owner of the site has written. It was important to keep the style of the site neat and classy to add to it's credibility in the community as well as to maintain user-friendliness.


The MJHL site was created for the league administrator so that he would have a place to more easily relay information to the players of the various teams. The site was designed with custom scripting to allow the administrator to update the scoreboards at the top of the page after the weekly games. He is also able to update the announcements page by simply uploading any html file, which he often does by saving a Microsoft Word document as a webpage, through another custom script written specifically for the site.

Mass Mariners

The Mass Mariners site was created for the same individual as the MJHL site. The primary function of the site is to act as a communications hub for the players on his organization's three teams and their parents. The site also helps by acting as a recruitment tool for potential new players. The site is based on the popular Joomla engine which allows for easy content management and contains some additional custom functionality. The color scheme was chosen to incorporate the team's primary colors and the layout customized to allow for easy user interaction and the ability to quickly reference important information for the players right from the front page.